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My experience with Adobe Support - Not good, issue since 9/18/23 FYI

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Jun 29, 2024 Jun 29, 2024

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My experience with Adobe Support - Not good, issue since 9/18/23 FYI

An FYI post.

On or about September 18, 2023, I contacted Adobe customer support regarding an issue I have been having with ACR. But before I made this 1st contact, I researched all over the internet for a similar problem hopeful for a fix. I found nothing so I proceeded to open my case with Adobe.


Issue: I like to use local adjustment brushes; I do lots of round tripping between Lightroom Classic and Photoshop. It helps my workflow to be able to jump into ACR as a smart object while I am in there. I had purchased quite a few adjustment brush packs from well-respected photography asset sites. They were all for Lightroom Classic and ACR. I installed in Lightroom Classic, no problem, all my adjustment brushes where there in the masking module. I have well over 100 I think about 124 or more. I followed the instructions that came with the brushes and installed them in ACR. I go to use an adjustment brush that I just installed, and I can’t find it, it wasn’t in the masking module. ACR would only show the first 100 of the local adjustment brushes even though they were all installed in the correct folder on my hard drive. Adobe even confirmed they were correctly installed. As time was going by and I kept going in to chat to see what’s up, more canned emails, I was informed that engineering knows (case was escelated to them months ago) what it is, it is an actual issue. They told me it will be fixed in the next ACR update. Those updates came and gone and still not fixed. During all this time I had received 2 credits to my account at different times. I believe they were 3 months each. Also, during this time period, I went from a 2015 MacBook Pro with an intel processor to a MacBook Pro M2 Silicon loaded with power. This issue occurred in both. My case had also escalated to the engineering team months ago. This was also relayed to support. Today’s 6/29/24 chat session with Adobe support started at 6:00 pm, ended at 7:53 pm. Crazy right?

Since the opening of my case, I have had Adobe support reps in my computer, deleting stuff, putting stuff back. Many, many chats in support that I initiated. Many hours in the queue. Then they sent the issue to who they said was the Engineering Team. This goes on and on, I have received numerous canned emails telling me:  

We’re Still Here to Help

Your case is still open, and we want to be sure your request has been addressed. Please let us know if you need more help or would like to provide additional information.

Here are some details about the request you submitted: they list my case number and Issue as performance.

This case will remain open for the next 24 hours, but if you prefer, you can take one of these quick actions: Close my case, Consult our community, chat with an agent.


Of course this angers me every time I get one. It always leads me to the Adobe chat once again. So many wasted hours and aggravation.


Summary of today’s chat 6/29/24 with multiple Adobe support reps.

What really got me angrier and spurred me on to contact them today was an email dated 6/26/23 which in brief states they are aware of the need to increase the brush preset limit. They don’t know the exact date it will be included in an update. They state they are optimistic the brush limit will be increased in upcoming updates of ACR. I wish I felt optimistic, I have been told this for a long time.

The Adobe support rep informed me that “a bug is lock for it and team is already working on it”. (I have heard this before)

Chat summary:

I should be getting a call back on Monday 7/1/24 from the Senior team. I don’t really know what that’s going to do, I have been through this before. But you never know!

For my trouble, time and frustrations, I was offered a nicely discounted price for the next 12 months and I accepted it, thank you Adobe. To be fair to me, I did request to be compensated it was not Adobe supports Idea. Totally different department that I was transferred to. All of this took almost 2 hours.

 Maybe since this issue had been posted publicly it will get fixed??







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