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P: Fine-tune the Subject Line of your Adobe Community Forum post for better results

Adobe Employee ,
Jan 09, 2023 Jan 09, 2023

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This is the first in a series of articles to help you get the most impact and quickest response to your post.


Consider this typical (but made up) Adobe Community Forum post’s Subject Line:

 Lightroom Classic › Bugs › Create a post.png


Getting your post viewed by as many people as possible to give you a swift resolution to your issue is helped with a quality Subject Line. A Community Expert scanning a long list of other posts may not consider opening this one. Give your post a chance by tuning your Subject line.


Create post in Lightroom Classic.png


Eliminating redundancies: The words ‘bug’ and ‘Lightroom’ should be left out. They consume limited space and are already contained in the header at the top of the forum. You are in the Lightroom Classic space and have chosen to post in Bugs instead of Discussions or Ideas, so it isn’t necessary to restate that. 


Non-standard Punctuation: “ALL CAPS” and non-standard punctuation hinder readability and/or searchability. Most people find posts by searching and scanning, so making your subject line readable and searchable is an immense help.


Include Specific Information


Now consider the following ’tuned’ subject line: 




Now, a Community Expert, or other helpful Lightroom Classic customer, scanning a list of posts can see and understand the problem without having to open the post. If they know the solution, they can offer it or at least engage with you to work toward a solution. 


Make your post’s subject line accurate, descriptive, searchable, and drama-free to improve its chance of being found, read, and responded to!


Rikk Flohr - Customer Advocacy: Adobe Photography Products
DNG Converter , DNG profile creator , Lens profile creator , macOS , SDK , Windows






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