why does the synchronization of raw converter act so crazy??

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Aug 01, 2018 Aug 01, 2018

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Hey guys,

I have already contacted the support several times, but they seem to not take my issue as a personal problem and don't get that it considers the whole community.

So I wanted to ask all of you:

Are you all too having problems with the synchronization feature of adobe raw converter?

The matter is, that when I choose automatic settings for all photos, than the synchronization of pictures works really bad.

Here is a closer description of my problem:

1. I open 5 photos in Raw Converter

2. I select all of them and let the Converter adjust them automatically

3. I adjust photo no1 perfectly. Make some settings e.g. in lights and shadows. (l:-40, s:40)

4. I choose all 5 photos and try to synchronize them, so that they have all the settings of the first photo, but only the automatic exposure should stay.

5. The 5 photos will absolutely have NOT the same settings. Photo 4 e.g. hasn't l -40 s 40, but l -10 s 34







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