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Add a "Copy/Paste Name" function to the presets

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Mar 17, 2022 Mar 17, 2022

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REQUEST: Add a "Copy/Paste Name" function to the presets!  


REASON:  Being able to copy/paste the name of the preset in Camera Raw into the PS layer after you open an image is important.  How can you remember later what preset you used to open the image?  You get a nice result and later you want to remember what preset that was... There currently is no simple way.


PROBLEM: Currently it is very convoluted and troublesome to copy the preset name - and a little dangerous.  You have to right click, get the drop-down submenu, then hit "Rename Preset", then go to the dialog box to rename the preset, then carefully select the preset name - being careful not to accidentally erase it, then "Copy", then hit "cancel", then paste the name of the preset into the layer after you open it! Whew!  


SOLUTION: A simple "Copy Preset Name" function added to the right click menu would be tremendously useful!  Alternatively, just to be able to double-click on the name to select the whole name and hit "Command-C". PS already has that functionality in the layers menu where you can double-click on the name and it's automatically selected, and then just do "Command-Copy." Voîla!  


Why can't you do that in Camera Raw with the Presets?  Please add that.  Thanks!

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