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P: Preview for SDR display should by default look identical to having HDR disabled

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Oct 15, 2023 Oct 15, 2023

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0. Have HDR10 display, and have HDR enabled in Windows.

1. Use HDR mode in ACR and develop a photo such that it looks good in HDR.

2. Turn off the HDR button in ACR. Notice sky gets clipped to pure white, but rest of the image looks identical.

3. Hit that HDR buton in ACR again to go back to HDR mode.

4. Tick the "Preview for SDR Display" checkbox.

5. Notice that the image now looks different than it did when HDR was disabled in step 2.


And while this results in highlights not being blown out by default, it also changes the contrast around midtones and shadows.

I did manage to find a combination of sliders under the "Preview for SDR Display" category that returns the rest of my photo to how I originally made it look:

Contrast -100

Clarity -100

Whites +100


What I would like, is for the SDR portion of the image to remain unchanged by default, with all sliders at 0, and then I just want to use the highlights slider to bring those highlights down a bit to prevent clipping in SDR version, that's all, it should be really simple, and I would have a photo that looks the way I inteded it too look, the way I already graded/developed it, without highlight clipping.


But another problem then is that Highlights slider doesn't seem to be a local tonemapping operator, unlike the regualr Highlights slider, making it impposible to lower the highlights without making the whole image darker.

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