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Arabic texts - left to right does not work? (mixed order and wrong point position)

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Apr 21, 2023 Apr 21, 2023

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hello all.

I need to create documents in many languages, now in Arabic.
First problem: normally i duplicate an english document and put the new language there step by step.

For arabic I set the default to right to left and nothing happens in the document. But in a new document it works - at first glance (more about this later).
I suspect this is a bug(?)  Because it is similar with the default textes in the quiz slides: they only change when you insert a new slide, but not with in the existing slides.
It is a lot of work to create the documents again. Does anyone have any experience?

Second problem:  When I create a new document in arabic the following happens with texts:
1. the point at the end of the paragraph is always at the bottom right of the text box. It should be at the left of the last word. Does it work for anyone?
2. there are some german words in the text (e.g. product names). When this happens, the word order suddenly changes completely.
(see picture)

Many thanks in advance






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