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captivate slow on slide change despite few slides with not much on them....

New Here ,
Nov 03, 2022 Nov 03, 2022

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Have a project where a Smart Shape used as a Button goes from a default state [0% opacity fill and 0 width stroke to its invisable] to a 'show' state [60% opacity fill of green, 0 width stoke] on the Last Attempt of an action. The end is a Sim where you click wrong twice, and the Button shows itself. Click on the Button to get to the next slide where it happens again. This is what I want it to do, but for some reason it is really slow changing between slides?
Had a project that did the same thing but with a Click Box and a Button to get the same effect, and it was able to go to the next slide immediately. Its not a timing issue or setting on the slides, as I built this new one on the old one. I can even delete the State Change Buttons and put the Click Box & Button combo back in, and it runs fast again. How is one Button so much slower than a Button and a Click Box with more scripts? And what can I do to fix it?


Latest vers, 64 bit, NON fluid box. Both of these are Included in the Quiz.


slide settings on new one:

Screenshot (4).png

(The old one had an action here to hide the Button. Shouldn't less actions mean less to load and a faster project? Otherwise they have the same slide settings)


settings for the clickbox:

Screenshot (5).png

( Continue Playing the Project Button is selected on old project, but this one it has no [observable] effect on this project. Otherwise the Action of howing the Button on the old project has been replaced with the State Change to 'show' )

Advanced , Quizzing and LMS






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