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Control web object window based on URL

New Here ,
May 10, 2020 May 10, 2020

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Hey again guys! Still deep into figuring out what is and isn't possible with Captivate so bear with me with all the questions. 🙂


So right now playing with a setup with a web object window that shows when you click a button. It more or less looks like a popup that would appear on a website to collect contact info. It hangs over the main project and pauses it while it displays. You enter an email, submit, and it shows a thank you page before redirecting back to the email sign up after a few seconds. But because it's an embedded object, the window stays on screen and the user has to manually close it out to resume the project, where ideally it'd hide itself after submission.


Is this somehow possible through javascript, where a thank you page URL triggers a script to hide the window? Or will it always need to be manually closed out?







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