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Inability to edit font on existing objects in existing project under construction

New Here ,
May 15, 2020 May 15, 2020

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Hi All,

Today I am experiencing an anomoly like never before where I am unable to edit text font/size on existing objects in an existing project under construction.  This function was working just fine yesterday (05/14 PST), but today (05/15 PST) it's a "no can do" (which is extremely roadblocking my workflow).  Is anyone else experiencing this anomoly? (I have a hunch that an Adobe Server(s) somewhere is malfunctioning or needs a reboot).   This is a screen snip of what it looks like when I try to edit an existing text entry today -


But when I insert an all new text caption, it looks like what I should be seeing when editing an existing text entry -



This project already has umpteen development hours into it, so of course I am not willing to contemplate redoing all of the existing text entries (that would be a ridiculous waste of time).


What is going on here?  Is anyone else having this issue today?  I suspect it is an Adobe server issue that has surface today (because of the way Typekit is introduced into the backdoor of Captivate through Adobe servers).  




Thanks for looking into this (Adobe and/or anyone else).




[P.S. in case Lieve looks at this - Windows 10 Enterprise version 1703 OS build 15063.2046  Captivate version ... Thanks for all you do Lieve! ]







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