Feature Request - Display Full Course Names Without Truncation - Admin / Author View and Course Title Headers

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Apr 02, 2018

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Currently, when viewing your master list of 'courses' as an admin and/or author, the course names are truncated after ~48 characters. This is problematic as we have many 'courses' which have much longer titles (quite a few exceeding 100+ characters). Additionally, it makes finding the correct section of a course, even when sorting alphabetically, an unnecessarily tedious process (more so before I cleaned up all of the display names in our system to follow a standard convention. . .) And no, simply changing or shortening our course names is NOT an option. Perhaps if a custom short name or code could be used internally, but the full name is displayed everywhere!

Simple 'alt text' containing the full course name when hovering the mouse would work in the short term, but ideally the full course names would be displayed without any truncation whatsoever from the admin / author views.

Additionally, the course names are truncated within the header of each course from the 'learner' view after ~64 characters. While 'alt text' with the full course name is displayed when you hover, this makes the course titles look extremely unprofessional to our learners. Surprisingly enough the full course titles are displayed from the learners 'catalog' view without any truncation whatsoever.

Happy to submit this in another format or provide additional details, but I have been unable to find a direct 'Adobe Captivate Prime Feature Request Form' anywhere online. . .Thanks!







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