(Feature Request) Show to the learner if a course is set up for gamification

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Nov 28, 2017

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This is for consideration by the Adobe Captivate Prime development team.

Learners in my organization are often dismayed when they do not see their gamification points increase at the rate THEY BELIEVE THEY OUGHT TO.

Though I have repeatedly explained that gamification points updates vary from course to course and are bound to specific times in some cases; and that not all courses are set up with gamification activated.

Feature Request

It would be helpful to put in the margin of a course as a learner enrolled in it whether that course was set up for gamification or not. Further, if it is set up for gamification show what those settings are.

For example: "If you are among the first Nth learners to complete this course in Nth days you'll be awarded 100 gamification points. You'll see the new totals updated at "X" time/day".

Additionally, add, some place on the learners' home page have a notice that says something like "Your gamification points will refresh in 30 days or based on course settings (whichever comes first)."


Thomas H.

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