Feature Request: Sort and Filter Content Library

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Dec 18, 2017

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To make working with the content library more efficient and productive, it would be extremely useful to be able to sort the content library by name in addition to the current behavior of sorting by modification date.

It would also bring the content library into the realm of modern expectations to allow for filtering the content library list by the minimum standards of keyword or title.

The 'search' function should work better by returning more than a handful of results - it should show all results that match the entered text string and then get smaller as that string becomes more precise.

When you search for a text string in the search field; returning to the content library list after editing a particular item should retain the search parameter so the text string doesn't need to be re-entered each time.

Those search improvements would be applicable to ANY search in PRIME, not just the content library.

Thanks for any feedback on these suggestions!

FYI - I posted this 'as a question' in case some or all of this is possible, and I just don't know how. thx.







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