How does an Administrator grant special privileges to a user group?

Adobe Employee ,
Sep 23, 2019

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An Administrator can grant special privileges to a user group, using which members of the group can participate in all boards. Any restrictions that were set in the Scope Settings section is bypassed by the special user group.

The user group can be either auto-generated or custom.

When the Administrator selects a user group, by default, all users in the group can access all boards, irrespective of the scope of the user. Any user with these elevated privileges can view and participate in all internal and external boards.

Special users receive curation requests across all scopes if users have sufficient SME points for that skill.

If the user does not have the required SME points, then the curation privileges are passed on to the top three SMEs of that skill.

For more information, read all about granting special privileges to a user group.

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