Learners showing as not started in report, but they completed course

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Feb 18, 2020

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I am trying to troubleshoot an issue that is only happening to a very few specific individuals and I can't seem to replicate it.


I havea course setup and have assigned approximately 400 users to take the course with a deadline of 2 weeks. 


Out of the 400 users, I have two users who have gone through the course and completed it (they did start and completed the course after due date), but their Dashboard says that they did not complete, and the LMS report shows that they have not started the course... Not sure what's going on, but wanted to see if anyone had run into the same issue before and could point me to potential causes... My only assumption at this point is related to their browser, but if they were able to access the course and completed it, I can't see that as an option.


Here's what I checked:

-Made sure I'm looking at the right course they completed

-Made sure they didn't have any other additional accounts

-Got a screenshot of them completing the course

-My course works just fine and the majority of the users are showing up as completed

-My first assumption was something to do with the course completing after due date, but I have a bunch of users who also completed course after due date and their profile displays correctly

-Waited atleast 24 hours to see if there's a lag in update the system

-Their accounts are active

-Other courses that they've taken in the past logs completion just fine



Any ideas of what it can be would be great....




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