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May 03, 2018 May 03, 2018

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Hi there

I am doing some tests with the SCORM 2004 Commit and Terminate API calls. I am setting manually a score with the console and also use a JS script in Captivate.

I see that in the console I can change the raw and scaled score, change the completed and passed status and then execute Commit and Terminate.

This saves both the score and the completion status.

In Captivate I put a code on the last slide OnEnter that changes the score and completion status + Commit line.

I leave out purposely the Terminate line because I have a button with the action "Exit" attached to it. I thought the Exit button would execute the Terminate line by design. The answer is No.

If I attach a JS with Terminate line to the same button, the score and status are sent.

So my question is - why wouldn't the Exit action send a Terminate command?

On another note, I am trying to set the maximum score with a line setting cmi.score.max. The line is OnEnter and it works, I can check the max score is set to 100 as I want. However, at the end the stats show that I passed with 100 out of 0. So the max score has not been recorded.

What I can do is use this sequence on the last slide OnEnter and it works fine







+ I hook a Terminate call to the Exit button as explained in the first part of my post.

All that is ok, but I was wondering why the following would not work, if I hook the cmi.score.max call to the first slide + I add Commit call to the same OnEnter JS action, the max score is kept only while I am on the slide. As soon as I move to the last slide, the max score is set to 0. And again I end up with a message "You scored 100 out of 0" What is the reasoning behind that?

Thanks in advance!








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