Captivate crashes on launch. How do I fix it?

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Oct 22, 2019 Oct 22, 2019

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If you are using Adobe Captivate, and Captivate crashes or behaves unexpectedly on starting the product or even while working on a particular workflow, perform one of these:


Upgrade Captivate

Update Captivate to the latest version. On the toolbar, click Help > Check for Updates. Then follow the on-screen instructions.


Run Captivate as an Administrator

On your Windows desktop/laptop, right-click AdobeCaptivate.exe and select Run as administrator.


Re-create the preferences

  • Windows - Delete Preferences
    • Navigate to the folder where Captivate is installed on your computer (The default location is typically C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Captivate 2019 x64)
    • Open the folder Utils.
    • Double-click the file CleanPreferencesWin.bat.
  • macOS - Delete Preferences
    • Navigate to the folder where Captivate is installed on your computer (The default location is typically Applications > Adobe Captivate 2019)
    • Open the folder Utils.
    • Double-click the file CleanPreferencesMac.


Log in and log out of current user account

Log out of the current user account and then log back in using a new Administrator account. Create a different account, log in to the new account, and then launch Adobe Captivate.

  • macOS
    • From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences. Click Users & Groups.
    • Click the padlock icon and enter your administrator name and password.
    • Click the plus sign near the lower-left corner of the window and choose a type of account from the New Account pop-up menu.
    • Enter a full name for the account (for example, type test). An account name is generated automatically.
    • Enter a password that you can remember (such as test) in the Password and Verify fields.
    • Enter an appropriate Password hint. A password hint helps you remember your password.
    • Click Create User. Ensure that you enable the option Allow user to administer this computer.
    • Click the padlock icon to prevent further changes. Close Users & Groups.
    • From the Apple menu, click Log Out.
    • Log in again using the newly created user account, install Adobe Captivate, and then launch it.
  • Windows
    • Refer to this document for setting up a Local Administrator Account.


Troubleshoot fonts

  • macOS
    • Choose Applications > Font Book.
    • Choose All Fonts in the Collection column.
    • Choose the top-most font in the Font column and press Cmd+A to select all the fonts.
    • Choose File > Validate Font.
    • Delete the damaged or duplicate font.

Note: If Font Book crashes, restart Font Book, and scroll through the fonts one by one to determine which font caused the crash. Use the Down Arrow key to select the first font, then hold the key down to scroll through all your fonts.

  • Windows

Important: Take a backup of all fonts before performing these steps.

    • In the Control Panel, double-click Fonts.

    • Choose all the fonts in the Fonts folder, except the fonts installed by Windows. Move the selected fonts to a temporary folder in the desktop.

    • Restart Windows.

    • If the problem occurs, it can be related to a font installed by Windows. If the problem doesn't occur, move a small group of fonts back into the Fonts folder, and then restart Windows.

    • Repeat the steps until Captivate no longer crashes.

    • Delete each problematic font from the hard disk and reinstall it. If a font continues to cause problems after you reinstall it, you may have to contact the font manufacturer for assistance.

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