Captivate Indicates "Save" When Opening A Project

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Nov 02, 2018

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I am using Captivate 2019, v11.0.1.266 and "something" I did is making adding slides and replacing images to a project.  I saved the file and closed it.  When I went back into the project, to add more content, I noticed on the File menu that "Save" was highlighted (not greyed out).  All I did was open the project, stayed at slide 1, and attempted to close the project.  The "Do you want to save the changes?" pop-up appears.

I checked the Advanced Interactions, and nothing appears out of alignment....On Success is mostly No Action, or Jump to a particular slide.  I do have some "Go to the slide last visited" and "Go to the previous slide".

Any thoughts/ideas on how/where to check for the 'slide' that is causing the project to indicate it has been changed?

Thank you.

Update, 5 November 2018:

I had added some Interactions ... Learning Interactions ... Accordion; entered some data and saved.  When I removed the Accordion widget, the Save commend is greyed-out, until I make changes to the project.

Any thoughts why the Accordion interaction would cause the project to think it had been changed when it is only opened, and no changes made?

Again thank you.







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