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Sep 18, 2019 Sep 18, 2019

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I have recently created a course with CC attached to a Slide Video. When I review the course in the Preview with Project, From this Slide, or Next 5 Slides, the timing matches to where I set the changes in the Edit Video Timing interface. When I Preview with HTML5, the timing gets steadily later than the marked location as the video goes on. If it is a video that is a minute or two, it can be off as much as 3 seconds by the last CC that comes up. I was wondering if anyone has seen this issues and if there is some solution? I am running on a great internet connection, so no lag on that part and there is not a great amount of other animations on the screen other than the video that is playing itself. We have the video with a play button on top of it, so it is not auto starting, but is just 0.2 off from the start to accomodate for the Play button on the screen and the video not showing through. Thank you in advnace for all your help!








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