Concatenation to build (populate) history text box

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Jul 09, 2019

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I am using Captivate 11.0 and trying to capture user selections and then populate a feedback history in a text box.  This is for a healthcare class in which the students select from a list of options to gather information and ultimatley make a decision.  For example, if they click on "Medications" I have a text box with medication data display.  I want to capture only the data for those items the user selects and save it to a variable so it can be reviewed later ("History" button) if the user needs to recall data from a previous slide. 

Anyway, I am not having issues with any one variable, I simply haven't found a way or method to concatenate dynamic user selected variables and populate a text box.  Maybe I'm just using the wrong tool for the job.

Can anyone help with a tip, example or provide simple direction?  I'm lost.

My extended write up on this is now available here...

Response History With A Sorted Display - eLearning

Hopefully it is helpful.







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