How would I submit custom data to the Moodle reporting database?

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Jul 02, 2019

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Hello! I have a what could be a very technical question but one I have been scratching my head over for the last few days.

Our situation

We're currently developing a survey style project in Adobe Captivate. The survey currently tallies up the score of responses. For example, a question might be 'How would you rate this?' and below they would click the rating from low to high (1 - 5). It works like a Likert scale, however, it is actually a multiple choice. The reason it is a multiple choice, is because unlike a Likert scale, I can perform mathematical expressions on a per-checkbox level which helps the flow of the project as I can change events based off of a user's actions.

The idea is we grab an average of our 'Likert' scale results, and show the user taking the survey some feedback based off of the score. This is achieved with custom variables as the built in quiz system doesn't let us do this by default! And it is for this reason the problems arise.

The problem

Behind the scenes, an administrator would like to see what sort of feedback and scores the user received. If you know about reporting in captivate, that actually solves half the issue here as the numerical scores are accounted for and fed to the database. This is because our project is based off of the built-in quizzing system captivate handily provides us.

However, we have three sections and an 'overall' score which takes the average of all the average scores for each section. This is not reported to the database. As with the written feedback for the overall score and the section scores, they are not reported either. This is because custom captions and variables are separate tools to the quizzing system, and as such aren't being fed to a SCORM compliant database (Moodle).

What we have done

We have used the built in reporting system for the quiz, however the quiz doesn't report custom variables and data.

We have looked into feeding the data to the Moodle database using AJAX with jQuery, MySQL and PHP but that is unreasonable as the SCORM package will only work with the initial platform.

We have tried putting variables (displayed in captivate using $$this_syntax$$) within the answers thinking we could change the slide the user is presented to based off of a score, and asking them to confirm a multiple choice question with the feedback texts written in. This does not work as the result in Moodle reporting (i.e. the database) is simply the dollar sign syntax for displaying variables.

If anyone has any ideas as to how we could report custom data to a database (even if it's a 'hacky' workaround purely using Captivate tools) while still maintaining the portability of a SCORM package that would be our solution! Ideally it needs to be SCORM compliant.

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