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Apr 02, 2021 Apr 02, 2021

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Good evening everybody.

I am in the process of converting old flash based Scorm packages to html5 based Scorm packages for Moodle.

Flash to html5 is done by hand in Adobe Animate. I have one converted that works exactly like its flash counterpart, it is essentially 2 frames with alot of math and interactive buttons and inputs. I have tried converting it to scorm with Captivate, but I am having some issues. So far I've imported html5 animations and published as Scorm, it kind of sort of works, but I am having issues id like some help with:

1)  When importing the animation with media -> html5 animation ->oam file. It imports the file, and it works as correctly, however it works in the media player, is there a way to get rid of the media player and have it display as my html5 page only ?

2) How do I tie the end results to moodle ? In the flash actionscript version it is tied to a button named "results". How would it be possible for me to bind the "results" button in Captivate to send the course completion to moodle ?

Old Actionscript code lookes like: 

import pipwerks.SCORM;
import flash.external.ExternalInterface;
var scorm: SCORM = new SCORM();
var course: Object = {
	lesson_status: "",
	student_name: "",
	student_id: "",
	currentPage: 0,
	totalPages: 3
	function init(): Void {
		var success: Boolean = scorm.connect();
		if (success) {
			success = scorm.set("cmi.core.score.raw", hind);
			success = scorm.set("cmi.core.lesson_status", "completed");
			if (success) {;
			success = scorm.disconnect();
	function exitCourse(): Void {"window.close");
results.onPress = function () {

Thank you for reading.








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