Is partially correct feedback with randomized questions possible?

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Dec 03, 2018

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Hi everyone,

I'm attempting to create a series of pretty simple quizzes in Captivate for a client. Their requirement is just to have a randomized question order and a summary at the end. When the question is multiple choice with multiple answers, they require feedback for correct/incorrect/partially correct. Why can I have partially correct feedback when creating a question on a slide, but not when it's part of the question pool (and therefore able to be randomized)? Is this a bug or is there some actual reasoning behind this?

I can see the thread linked here for actually setting up the partial scoring: and while that is definitely inconvenient that I can't do it within the Captivate software by just clicking a box, I can live with it. I also see it's possible to define feedback for single choice answers within the GIFT file, but as one method of working around, can I somehow force partially correct feedback when creating that file?








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