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Oct 22, 2018

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I am working on a large Adobe Captivate project. It has an
option for learners to test out of the course before the content is displayed.
It’s a robust course with voiceover, video, images, and we used Advanced
Actions/Variables to navigate learners though the course based on what they
answer in quizzes. When I test it locally, it works perfect every time. But now
I’ve published it to Adobe Connect and we are experiencing a lot of buffering
when we run the course. I’m not sure if buffering is the right word though. The
course will freeze, and a message appears that says “Loading”. The play bar
will continue but text and graphics will not display.

I’ve had some luck with adjusting the file size and
adjusting how the quizzes report back to the server but we’re still seeing the
loading issue. I’m finding that it tends to happen later in the course.

Thank you!







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