My text is unreadable, 4k resolution. This product is unusable

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Mar 06, 2019

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I just installed this for a trial use.  First, the UI for this product is in a micro-font, I cannot read a thing. 

Second, whenever I click "Insert Video" it tells me I need to install flash.  The link it sends me to tells me Flash is already installed.  I'm uninstalling the product immediately.  This really gives a new user a terrible impression of a poorly developed product.

It feels like Presenter isn't even in the same class as Creative Cloud.  I own creative cloud, and with this terrible first impression of Presenter, I'm not going to pay addition money for this. 

PICTURE ONE:  I can't read a thing.  This software does not respect my UI scaling that I set in Windows on my 4k resolution.  Creative cloud does.

PICTURE TWO:   The first thing I tried to do was insert a video, and i get this.   It really leaves a bad impression when a brand new user tries a basic function only to have it fail.  I just dont feel like looking for .ini changes, digging through forums to find the answer, since I'm not yet committed to this product and was only testing it out, I'll just uninstall it rather than investing my time and energy into it.  Please use my feedback to improve your product, maybe I will try it again in the future.








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