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Sep 25, 2019

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I've been fighting with my LMS for a while about trying to get the configuration the way I want. I think I know what needs to be set now, but I still don't understand why it needs to be set that way. Hoping someone can shed some light.


The course I have has a passing score set and the reporting settings are SCORM 1.2 set to "Quiz is passed". 


The crux of the issue is "Incomplete -> Complete" vs. "Incomplete -> Pass/Fail" (and a little about Mastery Score).


If I have it set to Pass/Fail, the score and status is passed correctly to the LMS, but it's always marked Complete, even when it's a Fail. That makes NO sense to me. Can someone explain that logic? If you fail, you haven't met the criteria for successfully completing the course. But yet my LMS marks you 'Successful' and sends you on your merry way even though you have a failing score, and removes it from your To Do list.


If I have it set to "Incomplete/Complete", it does what I want - you only get a "Successful" status if you pass the test - but in all the documentation I've seen the prevailing suggestion is to only use this method when there is no score being passed. There is a score, so why is this the status I need?


Related to that, my LMS help desk is telling me there's no Mastery Score included in the IMSManifest file. I was assuming that since the passing score was set in Captivate it would include that in the manifest, but apparently it doesn't. If that's something the LMSs are looking for, why doesn't it?


They're tired of hearing from me, because all they want to do is say "set it to Incomplete/Complete and it works". I'm not satisfied with that. I want to know why. I'm annoying like that. Hopefully someone here can save them from me.







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