TEB Button Shortcut Issues?

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Jul 16, 2019 Jul 16, 2019

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Hi...Wondering if anyone is experiencing the same issue. Multiple people on my team are seeing something with the TEB buttons when used as shortcuts.

Setup: Cp2019, updated recently to v11.5, Windows 10, developing Software Simulations, custom theme used, HTML5 only publishing.

(Our) normal TEB setup: We often use the TEB shortcuts in our simulations. Sometimes, we use a shortcut on both the TEB itself and on the TEB button, to give the user two options to advance. One example: Say you're in a domain searching for something, you reach a certain letter and the item you are searching for populates the search field. In this case, we like to add the lowercase letter and the capital version (using CTRL + [letter]). One is placed on the TEB, the other on the button.

Two issues identified:

1. First issue, whenever both shortcuts are programmed, the projects are only seeming to advance when the TEB shortcut key is pressed, NOT the shortcut set on the button. Behavior is verified when we flip the shortcuts around.

2. Second issue, I have tried adding the shortcut to the button only. Example: Keeping the TEB free of any shortcut, allowing the user to enter any text they want, and then placing the TEB button over a button on the screenshot with Shortcut of ENTER. Scenario for this is: User enters text and clicks OK, something like that. In the live solution, ENTER works on the OK button. (Adding ENTER to the TEB instead of the button works, but I'm really just wondering if this is a bug or done by design, that I cannot set a shortcut on the button only.)

If anyone can confirm whether these are known bugs, I'd be happy to report it. I just want to see if it's something known or isolated to our setup.

Any info is helpful.









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