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Oct 24, 2019 Oct 24, 2019

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Morning All,


I am using Adobe Captivate 2019


I have just found a solution to my issue as I was typing this after inspiration, but it is a work around so wonder if what I have done is the best way.


I've created a project and theme at the size of 1024x768, which is my main project size. I am then creating a smaller project for demo purposes. I import my original theme, not for the background since I convert them all to a white background. What I find out that in a smaller project the colours are correct, etc., but the font has decreased in size. In my example from point 18 to 11. I was wondering if there is a way when importing a theme not to scale font size, etc.?


My workaround is to:

1. Create project at required size.

2. Resize project to 1024x768.

3. Import theme.

4. Resize project back to smaller size, but crop project and don't allowing object rescaling.


Is this the best way?










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