Un-mute Audio from Animate CC created animation on iOS devices

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Oct 22, 2018

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I have a large Captivate project which comprises of maybe 50 slides. About 25 of these slides contains complex animations created in Animate CC, which have then been exported to HTML5, packaged into a .zip file, and imported into Captivate as a media object (HTML5 animation). Each animation has an audio file associated with it (some have 2 or 3), which I have left packaged into the Animate CC. I ended up combining the audio with the Animate file as I was having major syncing issues when it was on the Captivate timeline. I have code in each Animate file to keep the timeline animation in sync/keep up with the audio as best as possible. This all works okay on desktop browsers.

My issue is that the audio contained within the imported HTML5 files does not seem to play on mobile devices. I'm assuming that's due to recent iOS changes, and the audio is being paused and that there needs to be some user interaction to "un-mute" it.

Is there a way to communicate with all of the iframes that my project uses to tell the audio on each slide to un-mute? So, a user would click a button on slide 1 to start the eLearning training, and that button would communicate with JavaScript in some way to tell all audio contained within subsequent iframes to un-mute.

Is something like this possible? Or is there another way around it to get the audio to play on iOS devices?

I'm currently using Captivate 9, but will be upgrading soon to the 2019 release.

Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.









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