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Jul 25, 2019 Jul 25, 2019

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I am trying to add to my character asset list with other ethnicities and gender mix than the ones that come pre-installed.

I have figured out the new regime used by 2019 for storing its assets and have moved all the High Res assets from 11 to 11_5 so they don’t
download when I want them.

The Process so far

  • Click on Discover
  • Find the character I want and the pose I need
  • Click on character pose and choose resolution then click download
  • Wait for download
  • Dialogue says asset is now available under downloads
  • Go to downloads it tells me I am yet to download something.

Went looking for where these assets could have been downloaded to and I have tracked these assets to:


File List 1.png

However, if I try to open these I get:

Photos Error 2.png

Inside of photos and

if I try to use these as an image in Captivate I get:

Captivate image imprt error 3.png

I have tried running captivate in Admin mode and using my phone as the internet source as I read in one of the support blogs being behind
a company firewall could be an issue.

Nothing works.

Is there anyone else out there with this issue? It was working in 2018.

Plus, as others have mentioned I would like to get all the character assets without having to download each of the 141 with 4 different
image qualities one at a time. Just seems to be a point of frustration for those who have paid for the software.

All help is appreciated.








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