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Jan 10, 2019 Jan 10, 2019

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The note font does not 'stick' when I try to set it in the theme. I can select the dropdown boxes and click OK. But when I produce the screencast in html5, the notes come out as Verdana 9px. If I reopen the theme dialog, the font is no longer set.

I tried to figure out where the font is set in the xml and I thought it was in data/viewer.xml. But changing the font size there has no effect. After editing the file (which is annoying) I have cleared the cache and reloaded the file and it still displays as 9px which is really small. The source inspector shows it as inline formatting, but I don't see why clearing the cache did not fix this issue. My viewer.xml shows

<notes isHTML="true">&lt;TextFlow xmlns = "http://ns.adobe.com/textLayout/2008" fontFamily = "Verdana" fontSize = "14"&gt

But when viewing in the browser after clearing the cache and reloading the inspector shows

<textflow xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/textLayout/2008" fontfamily="Verdana" fontsize="9">

Win 7

Powerpoint 2013

Presenter 11.1.0 build 189








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