Using Tabs with HTML5 Output and Disables Using Enter Shortcut on Next Slide's Click Box

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Nov 20, 2019

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Working with Captivate 2019 and IE v11 to publish as HTML5. As documented in other posts ( ), using the Tab key as a shortcut does not work with HTML5.


Background: Have Text Entry Box where user types four characters into and presses Tab to automatically populate additional fields on the screen This is how the application actually works. Of course, the Tab key doesn't work in HTML5. Tried workaround noted in above link but it also did not work.


Sacrified text validation by specifying "Go to the next slide" in the On Focus Lost field. Thus, user can enter any text (right or wrong) and output will advance to next slide by pressing Tab.graphic1.png


This works but somehow disables using Enter as a shortcut on the next slide for a Click Box. On that next slide, we have a Click Box where the user selects a radio button on the screen. But we allow them to shortcut it by merely pressing Enter to advance to the next slide.


If I use the Tab shortcut on the previous page, the Enter shortcut on the next slide does not work.


What is even more bizarre, is if I skip using the Tab key on the first slide by using the playbar to advance to the next slide where the Click Box with the Enter/Go to the Next Slide is, pressing Enter works as intended.


So, my assumption is the Tab mechanism is somehow putting something in memory that messes up using the Enter shortcut on the next slide. But what? I tried putting a blank slide between the two conflicting slides but that didn't work. Any ideas?

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