Video Slide crashes in Chrome

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May 23, 2020 May 23, 2020

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In a Captivate file I have 3 video files on 3 slides in a row.

Video 1 is playing. Then Captivate switches to the next slide. It works well. On the second video slide I put interactions on the video. They also work well. When I switch to the third slide, which is actually almost identical to the second one, the display in Chrome (HTML5) crashes. The Captivate Container is still there, but it's a green box. The TOC is still displayed. But doesn't work anymore. Does anyone know the problem? It works in Firefox.

I have rebuilt the Slide. The crash remains.

But if I put another video in the video container, it remains stable and does not crash.

Now I have rendered the original video again in the media encoder. And yet it crashes again.

How can it be because of the video?

Edit II: 

That seems like a pretty crazy thing. What I've tried now. I once copied the respective slides into a new file. Only the third video slide, which caused problems. That worked. So it's not because of slide or video.

Then I copied all three video slides over again. The third video slide didn't work again and it crashed again.

Then I only copied 2 video slides and changed the order. No matter which slide, no matter what order. 2 video slides work in order.

Then I copied the 3 video slides again. The order changed. As soon as the third slide arrives, the CP container in Chrome crashes.

Edit III: 

Okay, I solved it.

My CP file is in 1280x720 resolution. The first videos that I integrated had a resolution of 1920x1080 px. I then scaled it down. This gave them a nice look fullscreen. With the third video, Chrome apparently had a problem with this method. If I rendered it to 1280 it was okay. It works now. Is now a bit blurry at 1920 fullscreen.

Funny that it works like this for two videos and not for the third. One of the many mysteries.

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