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May 04, 2020

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I am not new to Captivate but I am new to using XML in Captivate. In the past I have created courses using Flash and XML to create dynamic, scalable, and resuseable course content. With Flash obsolete and my new company using only Captivate, I wish to create course content in XML and bring it in to Captivate to drive the course data. I have found very little to no reference on how this is done except one video from 2014 by Pooja Jaisingh (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1ZfG47k24k). I followed her steps but I don't currently have a webserver set up to test. Anyhow, I am looking for help and reference material to help me get started. I need some handholding LOL  


I have attached my files so you can take a look at what I have set up. Is this the best way to create XML data driven courses?  Is there more or better reference out there for me to look at?  


**Update: My captivate file will not load into this forum

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