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2 Part Question. (Plus a 3rd question)

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Sep 25, 2019 Sep 25, 2019

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Ok it has been a few months since I dove into Character Animator.  


I created a character, where he has 5 outfits that he can change into.  Just like the old video that Dave shared of the Iron Man like character, I could toggle between the versions.  Luckily the changes are not animated.

Or... I could record each separately.   Then edit the clips together. 

What sounds easier?

Note: Each character is full of layers.  I know how to max out Illustrator.  So it has tons of layers: gradients, shadows, clipping masks, etc.

_ _ _ _ _

The other question.  I am using a background photo.  Should I animate the character completely in Character Animator with the background saved as a jpg?  Or is it easier to bring the character into After Effects after I do the recording?

What is easier?  Granted I have never really used After Effects.

_ _ _ _ _

Other question, once everything is done... if I decide to add music can I do so in Adobe Premiere.  Just background light soft, nothing loud... but something to make it more interesting.  Can I do that?

_ _ _ _ _

Needless to say this is a pretty big project that I have been slowly working on when I can.  But I finally want to finish it. 






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