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AI Puppet only displays outline when 'Render as Vector' selected.

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Jan 06, 2021 Jan 06, 2021

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I created a puppet in PS (hand drawn) to use in Ch, but then decided I wanted to utilise the 'wiggler' behaviour which only works with vector so have tried to convert the PSD to AI. 


I opened the PSD in AI and used the image trace function to create the paths and saved, but when I've brought the AI puppet into Ch and select 'Render as Vector', it only shows as the outline of the puppet.


I imagine my issue is in Illustrator, and unfortunately I really don't have a good grasp of how AI works so struggling to troubleshoot it myself or discover the correct workflow. I'm also thinking that the problem is how I used the 'image trace' function to create the vector paths, but again, not a good base level knowledge of AI


Side note: the wiggler behaviour is working at least hah.

Other side note: the PSD puppet is working fine, so if I can't solve this then I'll deal for this one, then draw my next puppet directly in Illustrator.


4 screenshots attached: 

1st - the AI puppet in Rig mode with 'Render as Vector' unselected

2nd - the AI puppet in Rig mode with 'Render as Vector' selected

3rd - the original PSD puppet in the Ch scene with the AI puppet in outline next to it.

4th - the AI puppet in Illustrator with an example of how it's split the layers into multiple mini paths but also compound paths.

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