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Character Animator (June 2019) – Detailed Changes

Adobe Employee ,
Jun 12, 2019 Jun 12, 2019

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Fixed issues


  • Opening a project in the current version that was previously opened in a newer version but no changes were made no longer shows an inaccurate and confusing "project-name was modified by another app while open in this app. Please quit or open a different project."

Puppets and the Puppet panel

  • Renaming a layer in a duplicated group is possible again.


  • Fixed a possible crash in Characterizer.

Controls panel

  • Custom name for a grouped parameter control is now retained after incorporating changes to the puppet's artwork.

Timeline panel

  • Trigger bars no longer disappear when zooming in.
  • Fixed a possible crash when quickly adjusting the trim or blend points for takes in a complex scene.
  • Replacing a puppet track's source with a different puppet from the Project panel should no longer cause a "expected model.Puppet" error.

Dynamic Link

  • Dragging a scene into After Effects or Adobe Media Encoder no longer shows an inaccurate and confusing "project-name was modified by another app while open in this app. Please quit or open a different project."
  • Fixed a rare crash on quit after using Dynamic Link.


  • Application can no longer be installed on macOS 10.14.0 (10.14.1 and later are still supported).
  • Displaying the scene on the primary monitor (selected in the Live Output / Mercury Transmit preferences) when the application is on the secondary monitor works again.

Known issues

  • If a scene doesn’t render (i.e., Scene panel shows only the current background color), try clicking the Refresh Scene button at the bottom of the Scene panel. If that still doesn’t work, try Option-clicking (Mac) / Alt-clicking (Windows) the Refresh Scene button. If the scene still does not render correctly, please file a bug report and attach a project or artwork file.
  • In an Illustrator file, layers and groups with “Guide” in their name will not be interpreted as guides/handles, and their content still render even if muted in the artwork file. Only paths are supported at this time.
  • Applying the Draggable handle tag to the top-level origin handle for a puppet won’t allow the puppet to be dragged in the scene.
    Workaround: If the puppet’s layers are enclosed in a single top-level group, apply the Draggable tag to that group’s origin.
  • Background syncing, backup, or virus checking programs might cause error messages in Character Animator if the current project’s files are being synced, backed up, or scanned at the same time. Avoid creating projects in these background-synced locations, or at least avoid working in a project while syncing is enabled.
    Workaround: Exclude the folder containing your Character Animator projects (by default, located in your user Documents/Adobe/Character Animator (Mac) or Documents\Adobe\Character Animator (Win) folder) and its subfolders from virus scanning, or at least for write operations.
  • If a earlier Character Animator scene was queued in Adobe Media Encoder (AME), then you make changes to the scene and add it to the queue via the Add Source button, the newly queued scene will render the same as the earlier queued version -- they won't be unique.
    Workaround: Queue the updated scene via File > Export menu command in Character Animator.






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