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Compute head turn from speech always turns to one view

Community Beginner ,
Dec 20, 2023 Dec 20, 2023

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I concider myself an advaced user and created lots of cartoons. I used compute speech from Audio and transcripts for every thing. Then I pick compute head movement from audio. Most puppets have 3 or 5 head views and it always picks a left quarter or left profile view when computing head movement. Never has it selected to turn to a right view. I typically keep each view independent with it's parent head not independant depending on if I want the body to shift or not. I typically have them ordered with +right profile, +Right Quarter, +Front, +Left Quarter, +Left Profile. I have changed the order to see if that effects it. The head turner behavier list all 5 views. I have done this with mutiple puppets over the last two years and I tend to delete the head turn and  set my own turns and keep only the movement. I'm sure I have tried the premade puppets to see if it changes. Never once has it used either Right Views. Is there anything I can do to influnce it's selection?

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