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Export Resolution vs Character Animator Project Window Resolution

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Jan 12, 2023 Jan 12, 2023

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Hello there,

so I was animating a scene in character animator with a PSD puppet. We decided to make the PSD file quite large (5K) to be able to crop in for close up shots if needed. Now I animated a scene where the puppet is coming from way far in the distance into a medium shot. Looked great in Character Animator. But when I exported, I noticed the puppet being quite blurry/soft pixelated when it was in the distance. I mean, this kind of make sense, because when ou export at 2048x1080 and an object is small it gets quite pixelated. But it looks super crisp in the Character Animator Project Window. I can even crop in 500% and it's still crisp. It just irritates me how in the scene before export it looks so much better. In After Effects, if I craw small shapes, yeah, they are pixelated but then it already displays it to me like so in the project window according to the project settings.


My first question is: Why is it so much sharper in Character Animator than in the export? 


And my 2nd: what suggestions for improvments do you have for me? It's my first time with 2D animation, I come from a film background, where things in the back can also look blurry and small, but they don't have this pixelated look to them. I assume it's due to the character design because 2D characters have outlines and thinner outlines than objects in the real world? 


And my 3rd: If my presumption is correct, is there a way to view the pixel resolution correctly in the scene? So I can already see when I scale characters where that threshould is where they get too pixelated?

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