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Eyes track mouse/touch option, relative to eye location

Feb 11, 2018 Feb 11, 2018

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Currently tracking the mouse movement for eye gaze is relative to the middle of the screen, not the actual eyes or head of the puppet. So if the puppet is not in the middle, you have to use a bit of effort to work out where the middle is. This is a bit painful during a recording. (It's not terrible, more annoying.)

Also, if you added this "eyes track mouse/touch" option, it would be nice to add a "eyes track independently" option, so the two eyes look exactly at the position of the cursor, allowing the puppet to go cross eyed. It gives a more control over depth perception (and can more easily create humorous cross eye situations).

I am going to try and work around it by creating two independent eye gaze behaviors and record them separately, otherwise just splice it in after effects/premier pro. I only need it for a few seconds. But I thought I would mention it as a suggestion as it felt like a fairly common thing - e.g. you can arm 3 puppets concurrently and have their eyes all track a fly going past perfectly in sync, including having it land on the nose of one of the puppets. I can imagine all sorts of humorous scenes that would be easier to create with this.

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