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Feature request: Skeletal Rigging within Illustrator (or Photoshop)

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Jun 23, 2020 Jun 23, 2020

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Request a new feature that would allow skeletal rigging to be designed from within Illustrator (or photoshop). Utilizing similar tagging like we do "+" to make a layer independent, we could allow a precursor label on a line segment within an art layer to be converted into a stick, the center of circles to become handles, pins, or the layer anchor point (again, dependent on the precursor used) and tagged as the appropriate body part based on the name.


I've found myself spending a significant amount of time re-rigging my puppets (especially the body parts) each time I add a feature that requires reorganizing my character's layers (such as adding a walk behavior or cycle layers) - this would also allow for "copy and paste" of rigging between similar layers and speed up the work flow significantly.


Thank you!

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