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For better lip sync results: here's a tip to get more mouth movements

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Mar 02, 2021 Mar 02, 2021

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New to Character Animator. Only been using it for a month or so. Had watched quite a few tutorials and didn't see this anywhere; but just did a test and am very happy with results.


We had a very fast talking salesman we caricatured and animated. No one was really happy with the number of mouth shapes generated when I used his recorded voiceover to generate lip sync.


So I did a test and exported his audio at half speed to do a new lip sync. For instance one of his lines generated 31 mouth shapes (or 'visemes') from the original raw audio. His 50% audio sync generated 56 visemes. Of course this only works if you are working with your puppet video in AE or Premiere where you can then speed up your exported 'half-speed' puppet 200%. If you need to export final file directly from Animator this probably won't help.


Here's a 2nd tip (and my 1st test before thinking of the 50% approach explained above) that also actually generated better results than raw audio file. I copied and converted same line from script and generated a text-to-speech file. It generated 45 visemes. So almost 50% better than raw audio. This again would've required some time remapping and syncing in AE or Premiere as text/speech conversions are typically kind of muffled and slowed. But I was surprised by the improved results.

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