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Frame rate drop

New Here ,
Nov 19, 2021 Nov 19, 2021

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I've been using character animater a lot over the past month and it was working great, I could send output via Sphon to OBS and record videos with no drop in frames or performance issues even with multiple other programs running on the computer.


As of the latest ACA v22 about 1 second into recording, frame rate starts dropping until it gets to around 9 fps and once I stop recording in OBS it slowly goes back up to 24 again.


I'm using the same character rig / scene as before the update. OBS is the same version too. I've closed all other programs. I restarted. I've cleared a lot of empty space on my HD. None of these things have helped.


I'm on an M1 mac mini, 16gb ram, ssd.


An recommendations to avoid frame drops?







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