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Help! Adding Walk behavior to Alien puppet maker puppet

Community Beginner ,
Aug 10, 2022 Aug 10, 2022

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Hi there,


I'm trying to make a copy of the Alien puppet maker puppet with a walk cycle (and related puppets e.g. Kiddos, Seafolk etc.). The left arm is not inside the body because of the replays that go over top of the head, so I had to move it inside the body layer. I've added the walk behavior to the Puppet sublayer since this comes with icons and backgrounds, so adding it to the very top-level puppet doesn't work.


When I do this and add walk to the head layer as well, the walk behavior picks up the handles, except the neck which is on the head. When I remove the walk behavior from the head layer, it can't find any of the handles. I've added a video showing what's happening and here is a link to the puppet file. Any help greatly appreciated--I have the 48-hour film comp this weekend (12-14 Aug) so hoping to figure out whether I can use this puppet or not 😬.



How to , Puppet movement , Rigging






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