How to assign triggers and behaviours to other characters

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Dec 06, 2020 Dec 06, 2020

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I'm wondering if it is possible to assign all the blank character's triggers and behaviours to my own character. I have used my character already in another video. When I created my character, I took the blank character and amended the features to suit my own guy in photoshop. When I did that, my guy was preassigned with all the triggers and behaviours. I was therefore able to drag arms and have point triggers assigned and so on.

Now that I'm trying to create another video with the same character I created, I have imported the psd that I used to create my guy but don't have any of the functions set up (moving arms/lip syncing etc.)

Is there a way I can assign all the triggers, behaviours and other functions from the blank character to my character without having to figure out how to do all of those things one by one.

Thanks in advance.

I have added photos of each character for reference. The first guy, who's name I forget, isn't mine. He's ready to go. The second guy is mine. 


Screenshot 2020-12-06 at 18.07.38.png

Screenshot 2020-12-06 at 18.07.44.png


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