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I moved recordings on the timeline, and now my character wont open their eyes.

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Jun 03, 2021 Jun 03, 2021

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I've been working on a scene with several puppets, after doing some basic recording I realized I needed more time at the beginning of the scene. So I grabbed everything & moved it down the timeline by around 10 seconds. Everything was fine, except when I try to record keyboard or camera input for one of the character's eyes, it doesn't work. It records, but when it's played back the puppet's eyelids are shut. I even copied & pasted the eye movements I have working later in the timeline which was recorded before I moved everything, but that doesn't work either - but if I paste it later in the timeline it does work. It's like something at the start of the timeline is keeping her eyes shut.  I've turned off auto blink, eye gaze, and face controls and the copied recording still doesn't work. 


The puppet has not been altered in illustrator or in rigging since the initial recording.



Bugs , Puppet movement






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