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Issues with rigging copies of Magnets unit by Dave Werner

Explorer ,
Mar 26, 2020 Mar 26, 2020

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First. Props to Dave for all his great work.

I was doing the Magnets tutorial and downloaded the .puppet file to work on. When I created a copy of the Fish Arm component to rig from scratch it failed to work, even when I created a new scene. I found that the arm failed to drag. I went over the rigging line by line, layer by layer and it simply wouldn't drag.

I created my own arm puppet from scratch in illustrator and was mindful of the hierarchal relationship required insofar as the dynamic collidable magnet object (the fish or, in my case a ball) had to be the parent of the arm grabbing it. I created a new scene with my own new puppet and voila! it worked just fine; however, I wanted to experiment with the nesting of layers and see how it effected behaviour and, of course, I found that the behaviours were rendered inert. This is where it gets interesting. When I re-rigged the copy of my original puppet, the arm of this puppet lost its draggable behaviour even although I created a new scene, incorporated it in the original scene, etc. I went over the rigging in excruciating detail and made sure all behaviours were consistent, yet, the dragging feature seems to be lost when a copy is made. I even deleted all the old rigging and re-rigged but to no avail.

I am wondering if anyone else has encountered this and if a solution was found.

@DaveWerner If you produce another video on magnets would you mind discussing the importance of the hierarchal relationships required with the dynamic collide magnet parent.

Thanks a heap to everyone.

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