It tries to import my swap sets from Illustrator, but fails... ?

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Mar 11, 2018 Mar 11, 2018

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Hello, I have been working with Character Animator for 18 months. I had some puppets that were working very well, but then I upgraded. Now I have to re-rig them all?

1. HOW DO I TAG IN ILLUSTRATOR so that the swap sets import? I have complex characters with head turns, eye changes, cycle layers on eyes and eyebrows, etc.

In the previous version, I could just put them in a folder and add (h!) or something to get a tag and swap set set up in an organized, easy to find way.

NOW the swap sets for the same puppets appear in the panel BUT just plain don't work coming in from Illustrator. I figured out that if I delete them all and drag them back in one by one they work. This is a LOT of deleting and a lot of dragging and there's got to be another way to make this work. Can you show an example of a folder naming/setup that does import to Character Animator properly? Or is this a bug???

2. The removal of the staple made some of my complex characters look very distorted (think 1990's computer sketch). I had to re-rig and it took 2 days to figure out how to make it work. It's still not the same...








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