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Apr 26, 2020 Apr 26, 2020

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Hello all,

     I've been learning A LOT about character animator building simple puppets and LOVING IT!

     Now I'm getting into more intricate puppets and STILL LOVING IT!


  I've got LAYER PICKERS running eyelids beautifully. Very expressive and responsive to the Camera input.

     Now, I've experimented and I am trying to use a LAYER PICKER to change the shape of the pupils as they move to make the eyes more expressive and have the eye glare shift for more realism and a more 3 dimensional look. I can get it to work on ONE orientation ("...Eye Gaze Position X" or "...Eye Gaze Position Y") but not both. If I use only one of the orientations it limits the pupils' movements to side-to-side or up-to-down and is very jumpy. I've tried in different configurations where the pupils are all aligned to the shame starting spot (with the shapes of each pupil layer different) and I've tried where the pupils are aligned along different points of the eye (on one plane, which works better but still only works for one plane of movement). If I try to put two layer pickers with different eye gaze planes the pupils disappear entirely.

     I've tried hierarchy of the LAYER PICKER behaviors (having one set of pupils on planeX with one LAYER PICKER set to "...Eye Gaze Position X" and a second set of pupils on planeY with the LAYER PICKER for those pupils set to "Eye Gaze Position Y"), both sets of pupils were in the same Parent Pupil folder. I have found nothing that works. 

     Is there a hierarchy problem or is this behavior just not meant to work with pupils?


     Also, is there any plans to had a "pupil orientation" or "pupil movement" option to the layer picker behavior?




Thanks all!

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