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Limb IK and Walk behaviors interfere with each other in 22.5 and break puppets

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Jun 22, 2022 Jun 22, 2022

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Since updating to Character Animator 22.5 dragging around my puppets arms no longer work correctly. The arms basically act as if they are a free layer instead of hinged or weld. When I drag the hand the entire arm moves as if it's not really attached to the rest of the puppet at all. After some testing I found out that basically if the puppet as the limb ik behavior and the walk behavior on the puppet this happens. Weirdly it only happens if a tag that is used by the walk cycle that is not associated with the arms (shoulder, elbow, wrist) is also on the puppet. It can be any tag such as neck, toe, hip. If any of those are on the puppet this happens. If I remove or disable the visibility on the walk behavior this interaction goes away. This does not happen in previous versions of character animator, and this basically breaks all of the puppets I've made previously. I attached two images. The first is the detached broken behavior and the second is how it should perform. Here is a link to the test puppet I made to demonstrate the bug. I set it up so that the Right Quarter displays the broken behavior and the Left Quarter works correctly. This bug doesn't affect the frontal view at all because it's not affected by the walk behavior. I assume this also breaks the profile views but I haven't tested it.Broken Behavior.pngCorrect Behavior.png

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