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Motion Library and Limb Layering

New Here ,
Feb 08, 2024 Feb 08, 2024

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Hey There,


First off, i want to say how much i love this software. It has expedited so much of what i wanted to do for my animation project. Thank you OKSamurai and the entire character animator team.


why i am here today.


I recently followed along the ok samurai "motion library" tutorial, and rigged a character on a 3/4 turn. I am running into a small problem with the preset motions.
Due to the grouping of the torso and limbs together (in a body folder), the characters left arm ends up passing between his head and torso rather than in front of his head. I've tried taking the left arm out of the body grouping/folder but then everything starts to float in air. 


my goal: i would like have his left arm (and hand) pass in front of his face so it doesn't look like the character is chopping through his head. Is this possible?


Thank you in advanced.

Bugs , Puppet movement , Rigging






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